About Sports For Kids

Steven J. Gould founded Sports For Kids in September of 1990. During that time Steven was an entrepreneur who owned and operated Ace Tennis Academy. Since Physical Education time had been reduced at schools, Mr. Gould saw the opportunity for more sports activities to be provided to children. There was also a lack of programs available that focused on skill development, improvement and fun.

At Sports For Kids, your child will learn the skills necessary to improve and advance in various sport and recreation activities as well as in life.

In the beginning, Sports For Kids offered only traditional team sports after school for children 6 to 12 years old. Today a myriad of sport and recreation programs are provided at various times throughout the week for children 3 to 16 years old.

There are physical education classes provided in the daytime for children who are home-schooled. We are a licensed out-of-school care for children in kindergarten to grade six. A mix of pre-school programs is provided in conjunction with the kindergarten program. Sports For Kids also has the most fantastic summer day camp program in the province of Alberta.

Sports For Kids will provide your child with a positive enjoyable experience regardless of which program they attend. Respect, sportsmanship, fair play, and the use of good manners are taught and encouraged at all times. The safety of your child, while participating in a fun environment is ensured at Sports For Kids. Sports For Kids will continue to set the highest standards and provide quality instruction in all the programs offered.


Our Philosophy

Sports For Kids is a physically active childcare program that provides children with opportunities to experience a variety of different sport and recreational activities. The activities will be provided in a safe, open, and enjoyable atmosphere, where sportsmanship, participation, and FUN will be encouraged at all times.