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Meet our Artist: Oksana Movchan


Description of background and artistic life

Oksana was born and raised in a family of artists in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied printmaking at the Ukrainian National Academy of Arts and Architecture, graduating with a PhD in 1997. She entered the art world with numerous accolades and shows in Ukraine, including two presidential citations. At 27, she was invited to Toronto to present a Solo-Show at Canadian-Ukrainian Art Foundation. The exhibition was well received by the Ukrainian-Canadian community, and the offer was extended to also exhibit in Ottawa.


Oksana came to Edmonton in 2003, and this city has been the setting for the next chapters of her life and career.  She curated a not-for-profit gallery at the Steppes Office Complex between 2010 and 2016. In 2012, she was awarded a Public Art Project for the Ardrossan Recreation Complex. Continuing to grow and become proficient at more techniques – she added painting to her repertoire of skills and in 2013 showed a new series of paintings and etchings at the Peter Robertson Gallery.


Oksana was awarded and is currently working on another Public Art Project – this one for the Bonnie Doon LRT station, scheduled for installation in 2020. Her project, a series of watercolor paintings, links the ambitious modern development bringing people to Bonnie Doon in our era, with a popular yet largely forgotten historical attraction that drew people in the 1950s – the Silver Heights Peony Gardens.

This linking of the past, to today is an important theme dominating Oksana’s current explorations.

The significance of her roots in Ukraine, and the commonality of her experience with that of other Ukrainian immigrant artists; the conscious choice of adventure early in her career, and the meaning of choices, knowledge, and wisdom gained over those years.