Programs for Daycares and Preschools

Daycare PreschoolSports For Kids is excited to provide you with the opportunity to book one of our dynamic preschool and daycare programs. Sports For Kids is focused on the health and wellness of children. We believe that active kids are happy kids.

Our objective is to enhance your program and promote physical activity. By engaging Children in developmentally appropriate activities we can help improve a child’s coordination, decision making skills, quality of sleep and overall attitude!

We offer a variety of flexible programming options, allowing you to select the right one for your children. You can take advantage of this fantastic program within your facility or at ours!

When we visit your facility we provide equipment, an experienced instructor, set-up and clean-up. If this sounds right for you, we are more than willing to assess the spatial freedom within your facility. At our facility we have unlimited access to a gymnasium and our multipurpose room.

Program options include, but are not limited to:

  • Yoga: Children will participate in dynamic movements, breathing exercises, postures, imitation and play as a means of improving flexibility, strength, listening skills and self awareness.
  • Gymnastics: Children will learn about body position and spatial awareness while exploring various gymnastics movements and equipment.
  • Movement and Games: Children will discover enjoyment through movement activities and games that focus on specific locomotor skills.
  • Soccer: Children will learn basic soccer skills while developing gross motor skills.
  • Active Games: Children will engage in various games aimed at having fun and increasing each child’s endurance, strength and comfort level in a group game setting.

Sports For Kids is flexible and will adapt programs to meet your needs. A two hour session can cost as little as $165. Eight weekly sessions qualifies parents to claim the Active Tax Credit.