Kindergarten Care

after-school-careWondering what to do after your child has finished Kindergarten for the day? Sports For Kids (SFK) is offering a dynamic out-of-school Kindergarten Program and it is unlike any other program in Edmonton. We have been around for 14 years and our goal has always been for your children to have the best day they can possibly have…full of fun and activity!

Our program is a physically active childcare program that provides children with opportunities to experience a variety of different sport and recreational activities. All of our activities are provided in a safe, open, and enjoyable atmosphere, where sportsmanship, participation, and FUN will be encouraged at all times. Your child will also learn co-ordination, discover the world, play games, do crafts, play sports, and learn their ABC’s & 123’s. We accomplish our objectives through careful monitoring, positive feedback, good role modeling, and promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.

We have the use of two gymnasiums, a racquetball court, and our multipurpose room where our daily routine of lunch, crafts, and free time activities take place. This allows us to be active and program a variety of dynamic activities. We also offer a number of fantastic registered programs that are included with kindergarten registration and designed for beginner level participants. These are offered once a week for one hour and include – Gymnastics, Tennis, Floor Hockey, Yoga, Soccer, and Movement and Games. The classes are taught with an emphasis on having fun while learning skills, techniques, and playing the sport. All equipment is supplied.

Active Children are Happy Children: A huge concern making headlines these days is child obesity. The children attending SFK learn various sports and active games that lead to a healthy life. Studies have proven that if children are exposed to physical activities early in life they have a greater chance of continuing these healthy choices, thereby reducing the chance of obesity as a child or adult. Our sport and recreation programs will provide your child with an enjoyable and positive experience with sport that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Experienced and qualified instructors, teach a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities such as, soccer, dance, drama, games, arts and crafts, music, and gymnastics. All of our staff are certified in First-Aid and have either completed a degree or are working towards completion. Our full-time staff members hold Bachelor of Education Degrees and bring a variety of experiences to SFK, including National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for instructing our specialty sports programs. Our part-time staff are university or college students who are currently succeeding in a child related field of study.

Kindergarten Program:

Kindergarten: $650/month (includes PD Days, Spring Break etc…)

We are available in the Mornings 7:30-8:45. We are open 7:30 am to 6:00 pm daily. Busing is available from various schools to Sports for Kids.








Arrival & Wash-up Arrival &


Arrival & Wash-up Arrival Arrival & Wash-up




Circle Time &

Play Time

Circle Time &

Play Time

Circle Time &

Play Time

Late LUNCH 12:30 Circle Time &

Play Time


Floor Hockey Class Gymnastics Class Movement & Games Class Tennis Class Soccer Class


Number Games,

Story Time

Arts & Crafts Play-Doh Fun or

Arts & Crafts

Late SNACK 2:30

Puzzles & Games

Songs & Music,

Story Time


Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outside at the Park

Or Open Gym Time

Outdoor Activity
3:30-4:00 Play Time Play Time Play Time Same as Above Play Time


Active Time Active Time Active Time Active Time Active Time


Free Play &

Board Games

Free Play &

Board Games

Free Play &

Board Games

Free Play &

Board Games

Free Play &

Board Games

Note: There will be time outside everyday. However, outside time may be reduced if the weather is severe. Children will be given choices of activities when the group is between activities and during free time. The schedule may change from time to time to accommodate special activities, field trips, and seasonal dates. Keeping your child safe, happy, and healthy are the objectives of our program. We accomplish this through careful monitoring, positive feedback, good role modeling, and promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Please bring healthy snacks. We provide one snack at 2:00 pm.

2 Week Rotation – 2:00pm Snacks


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich/Milk



Oatmeal Cookies/Milk




Granola Bar/Juice

Trail Mix/Juice

Vegetable Crackers/Juice