Exclusive Weekly Activities


  • Literacy

    We read a wide variety of books to the children, using inflection and dramatizations to keep the kids interested.

  • Movement & Games

    Every class is a mixture of fun active games that will increase your child’s gross and fine motor skills.


  • Creativity

    Using the theme of the week, we create custom activities to challenge participants imagination and creative talent while developing their fine motor skills

  • Tennis

    Taught by an N.C.C.P certified Tennis instructor participants learn how to serve, volley, and smash; While working their gross motor skills and coordination.


  • Centers

    Centers are designed to help your child explore, discover and create with many different mediums. We commonly use sensory bins, experiments and themed activities to provide diverse experiences for participants.

  • Soccer

    Participants learn to kick, dribble and score, through active games and drills. Sportsmanship and team work are encouraged at all times, as well as participation and leadership.


  • Creativity

    Participants work using a combination of different materials to create simple, artistic creations intended to go with our weekly theme. participants work their fine motor skills, adaptiveness and creativity.

  • Sports Spectacular

    Participants learn the basics of a variety of sports including Kick Ball, Volleyball, Badminton and Baseball. Activities work to develop the participants gross motor skills and agility.


  • Numeracy

    Participants work to solve problems, understand patterns, and analyse information through fun games and challenging activities.

  • Ball Hockey

    Participants learn to pass, shoot, and stickhandle the ball like the pros working gross motor development, agility and team work skills.