Week Day Focus


  • Dodgeball LTP

    Learn to play different varieties of Dodgeball. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination, aim, and reaction time.

  • Free play

    Free play allows children to use their imagination with the help and leadership of staff on hand in either the classroom or park/ field area.


  • Soccer / Craft

    Learn to shoot, pass and play soccer through a variety of drills, and multi-player games.

  • Craft

    Craft time uses a variety of mediums to help encourage your child’s individuality and creativity.


  • Gymnastics

    Learn how to tumble, roll, jump and vault on the mat, balance beam, vault and bar.

  • Field Games

    Field games are a mix of popular sports based games designed to improve your child’s endurance, speed, and coordination.


  • Ball Hockey

    Learn to pass, shoot, and stickhandle the ball like the pros and enjoy playing hockey.

  • Active Games

    Active Games are a variety of games targeting your child’s reflexes, balance, and agility.


  • Dodgeball PFF

    Playing for fun Dodgeball encourages growth in sportsmanship, team cooperation and strategy.

  • Park Games

    Park games are a variety of social games used to challenge participants to use team building skills and quick reflexes to help their team win.