Registered Sports

Sports for Kids offers two choices in sports programming;

Our “Learn to Play (LTP) Program is a skill acquisition based program. Participants will learn the skills required through game participation, demonstrations and drills. Skills are taught and developed through playing, where kids are encouraged, engaged and having fun.

Our Play for Fun (PFF) Leagues are designed to place emphasis on participation and fun over competitiveness and scores. Each PFF class starts with skill development; allowing participants to improve their abilities, knowledge and understanding of their chosen sport. However about 75% of class time is spent simply playing the sport. Participants in the league will compete with and against each other as teams are changed throughout the program. PFF is still played competitively but with focus on fun first not for the win.


LTP: Participants will learn the skills of badminton (serve, drive, clear, smash & drop shot) while improving their footwork and reaction time.

The N.C.C.P badminton instructor will be Francis Kiew. Francis brings with him 20 years of experience teaching all levels and abilities of players, including special needs participants. 

Ball Hockey

Students will learn to stick handle, pass, and shoot. Offensive and defensive tactics and strategies will be taught. Students will learn how to play ball hockey and improve their skills while becoming more proficient and well rounded players. 


LTP: Participants will learn the skills of basketball (dribbling, passing, shooting & layups) while improving their footwork and reaction time. Defensive and offensive skills and positioning will be improved through our game based teaching methods. Rules and strategies will also be taught over the course of the program.


Participants will learn to pass, shoot and control the ball. Participants will learn co-ordination, physical literacy, and ball control while playing fun games and drills.


Ace Tennis Academy has been providing quality lessons for beginner to advanced tennis players since 1990. Classes for ages 5 - adult; Group, Private, Semi-Private and Family lessons available, for both indoor and outdoor lessons.